"Originality Matters" Student Poster Design Contest

Aspiring Engineer Wins Student Poster Contest

Congratulations to Madeline Ocampo from the LA County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, California


Madeline Ocampo is a senior in the Visual Arts Department at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and has loved drawing and design since preschool. In the fall, she will be attending U.C. San Diego as a Mechanical Engineering major. Madeline aspires to incorporate artistic design and originality in her engineering career.

"In my poster, I wanted to communicate the essential meaning of plagiarism: stealing other people’s original work and framing it as your own. Therefore, I designed an array of papers with one in the middle made up of “stolen” pieces of original papers surrounding it. Those pieces are subtracted from the surrounding papers, each with a unique color that represents their originality. I believe being original is part of being a responsible writer, artist, inventor, or any other producer of work. Not only is it illicit, plagiarizing degrades the malefactor and the person from whom the work is stolen. Conversely, it is rewarding to create and develop an idea that is all your own."


he Winning Poster:

"I really love the idea behind this one," said judge Jonathan Bailey. "A simple and elegant explanation of plagiarism."

The posters were evaluated by a panel of judges based on (1) originality and creativity, (2) artistic merit, and (3) incorporation of the theme Originality Matters. The panel of judges included Jonathan Bailey from Plagiarism Today, Teddi Fishman from The International Center for Academic Integrity, Jessica Gopalakrishnan from WriteCheck, and David Wangaard from The School for Ethical Education.

Over 190 posters were submitted for the contest over the course of two weeks. The posters were narrowed down by panel of preliminary evaluators from Plagiarism.org and Turnitin to determine the 10 finalists. Explore the finalists' posters below.